(a)    This Article shall not apply to:
      (1)    Hospitals, nursing homes, congregate care facilities, group homes, half way houses, assisted living facilities or other properties used for habitation that are subject to County, State or Federal licensing and inspection (inspections of these facilities must ensure compliance with the Code in order for the facility to be exempt from this Article);
      (2)    Dwelling Units where a parent, parent-in-law, adult child or relative of the Owner remains in occupancy and no net income is earned by the Owner;
      (3)    All property owned by the City of Dunbar, Kanawha County, the Charleston-Kanawha Housing Authority, the State of West Virginia or the United States of America;
      (4)    Hotels, Motels, and other transient residences;
      (5)    Foster homes;
      (6)    Homeless shelters;
      (7)    Residential facilities owned, operated or managed by or for the benefit of a hospital, or by or for the benefit of any affiliate or supporting organization of a hospital, providing housing exclusively for students, trainees, interns or residents in medical, nursing, medical technologist or other allied health care fields; and
      (8)    On-campus residential facilities owned, operated or managed by an accredited college or university.
         (Ord. 669. Passed 5-7-12.)