(a)    The Code Official may inspect or re-inspect any Dwelling and Dwelling Unit to determine compliance with the Codes and the requirements of this Article, provided that, Owners shall not be required to pay any fees .for re-inspection visits except as provided by this Article.
   (b)    The Code Official is authorized to enter a Dwelling or Dwelling Unit, for the purpose of his or her inspecting authority under this Article, at reasonable times during the day, provided that permission to enter is obtained from the Owner or Operator thereof and a Tenant or occupant. If the Code Official cannot obtain such permission then an appropriate and lawful warrant must be obtained before such entry or inspection is made.
   (c)    The Code Official shall carry proper identification when inspecting a Dwelling or Dwelling Unit in the performance of his/her duties under this article.
(Ord. 669. Passed 5-7-12.)