General Provisions
   156.001   Authority for enactment and purposes of chapter
   156.002   Definitions
   156.003   Interpretation of chapter; conflicting provisions
   156.004   Territorial applicability of chapter
   156.005   Compliance with chapter; use, occupancy and construction requirements
   156.006   Height, bulk, density, lot coverage, yard and open space requirements
   156.007   Combination of required spaces
   156.008   Reduction of yards or lots below minimum requirements
   156.009   One principal building per lot
   156.010   Lot access requirements
   156.011   Vision clearance at intersections
   156.012   Yard requirements
District Regulations
   156.025   Zoning districts established; official zoning map
   156.026   Interpretation of district boundaries
   156.027   Classification of added territory
   156.028   Schedule of district regulations adopted; amendments generally
   156.029   C-PR Conservation Public Recreation Conventional District
   156.030   RS-1 Single-Family Residential Conventional District
   156.031   RS-2 Single-Family Residential Conventional District
   156.032   R-2 Medium Density Residential Conventional District
   156.033   C-1 Neighborhood Commercial Conventional District
   156.034   C-2 General Commercial Conventional District
   156.035   S-1 Special Conventional District
   156.036   V-C Village Commercial Conventional District
   156.037   Ocean and Sound Overlay District
   156.038   Reserved
   156.039   Reserved
   156.040   Permitted and prohibited use table
Exemptions Generally
   156.050   Walls and fences
   156.051   Building features exempt from setbacks or minimum yard requirements
   156.052   Reduction in minimum yard requirements in residential districts based on error in building, structure or site feature location
   156.053   Vertical additions to nonconforming structures
   156.054   Special uses for specified improvements to single-family dwellings in existence on July 1, 2003
   156.055   Administrative reduction in minimum yard requirements for improvements to single-family residential dwellings in existence on July 1, 2003
   156.056   Building features and structures exempt from district height regulations
   156.057   Special use permit; small child care homes
   156.058   Wireless telecommunications systems (WTS)
   156.059   Group development projects
   156.060   Sexually oriented businesses
   156.061   Formula businesses
   156.062   Relocation of oceanfront structures threatened by erosion
   156.063   Encroachment of structures on the ocean beach
   156.064   Beach bulldozing
   156.065   Special use permit: village commercial development option
   156.070   Intent of subchapter
   156.071   Non-conforming lots of record
   156.072   Non-conforming uses of land
   156.073   Non-conforming structures
   156.074   Non-conforming uses of buildings or of buildings and premises in combination
   156.075   Repairs and maintenance
   156.076   Permitted special uses not non-conforming
Off-Street Parking and Loading
   156.090   Off-street parking required
   156.091   Minimum off-street parking requirements
   156.092   Off-street parking requirements for single-family and 2-family (duplex) dwellings
   156.093   Parking lot requirements for all uses other than single-family and 2-family (duplex) dwelling units
   156.094   Number of off-street parking spaces required
   156.095   Off-street loading
   156.096   Special use permit for parking or loading space requirements
Commercial Developments and Design Regulations
   156.110   Purpose and applicability
   156.111   Design standards for buildings
   156.112   Parking, paving and access design standards for lots
   156.113   Design standards for services and utilities
   156.114   Design standards for natural areas and features
   156.115   Design standards for landscaping and open space
   156.116   Design standards for lighting
   156.117   Site plan and plan of development requirements
   156.118   Deviation or variance from commercial design and development standards and site plan requirements
Miscellaneous Regulations
   156.124   Standards within the primary and frontal dunes
   156.125   Water supply and sewage disposal
   156.126   Standards for the scale of residential development
   156.127   Sand dune provisions
   156.128   Land disturbing activities
   156.129   Eating establishments
   156.130   Signs
   156.131   Outdoor storage, display and sale of goods
   156.132   Dish antennas
   156.133   Outdoor lighting
   156.134   Prohibited use of major recreational equipment parked or stored
   156.135   Access to N.C. Highway 12
   156.136   Major and minor home occupations
   156.137   Tree and vegetation preservation and planning
   156.138   Wind energy facilities
   156.139   Solar energy systems
   156.140   Accessory dwelling units
General Administration and Enforcement
   156.150   Zoning Administrator
   156.151   Building permits; generally
   156.152   Effects of chapter on outstanding building permits
   156.153   Health Department; permits; approval
   156.154   Permit application
   156.155   Special use permits
   156.156   Temporary moratoria on development approval
   156.157   Temporary uses
   156.158   Certificates of occupancy
   156.159   Duties of Zoning Administrator, Board of Adjustment, courts and Town Council as to matters of appeal
Board of Adjustment
   156.160   Established; composition; terms; vacancies; removal of members; compensation
   156.161   Officers; rules and regulations
   156.162   Meetings; minutes; alternate members; hearing notices; continuances; rules of procedure
   156.163   Powers generally
   156.164   Administration of oaths
   156.165   Appeals
   156.166   Interpretation of zoning maps, lot and district boundary lines and the like
   156.167   Variances
Changes and Amendments
   156.180   Procedures generally
   156.181   Planning Board action
   156.182   Application fee
   156.999   Penalties