(A)   No land shall be used or occupied and no building structurally altered, erected or moved after July 3, 2002, shall be used or its use changed until a certificate of occupancy shall have been issued by the Zoning Administrator, stating that the building or the proposed use thereof complies with the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   A like certificate shall be issued for the purpose of renewing, changing or extending a non- conforming use. A certificate of occupancy, either for the whole or a part of a building, shall be applied for coincidental with the application for a building permit and shall be issued within 10 days after the erection of structural alterations of the building or part shall have been completed in conformity with the provisions of this chapter. A record of all certificates shall be kept on file in the office of the Zoning Administrator.
   (C)   A temporary certificate of occupancy may be issued by the Zoning Administrator for a period of not exceeding 6 months during alterations or partial occupancy of a building pending its completion; provided, that temporary certificate may require conditions and safeguards as will protect the safety of the occupants and the public.
(Ord. 04-21, passed 10-6-2004, § 56; Am. Ord. 16-07, passed 11-2-2016)  Penalty, see § 156.999