§ 156.999  PENALTIES.
   (A)   If the Zoning Administrator shall find that any of the provisions of this chapter are being violated, he or she shall notify in writing the person responsible for any violation, indicating the nature of the violation and ordering the action necessary to correct it. He or she shall order discontinuance of any illegal use of land, buildings or structures, removal of illegal buildings or structures or of additions, alterations or structural changes thereto or discontinuance of any illegal work being done, or shall take any other action authorized by this chapter to ensure compliance with or to prevent violations of its provisions.
   (B)   If any building or structure is erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered, repaired, converted or maintained or any building, structure or land is used in violation of this chapter, the Building Inspector or any appropriate authority, in addition to other remedies, may institute any appropriate action or preceding to prevent the unlawful erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, conversion, maintenance or use, to restrain, correct or abate the violation, to prevent the occupancy of the building, structure or land or to prevent any illegal act, conduct, business or use in or about the premises.
   (C)   Unless otherwise specifically provided, violation of any provision of this code or any other town ordinance shall subject the offender to the remedies hereinafter provided; except, that where the General Statutes of North Carolina provide specific civil remedies for violations of provisions of this code adopted pursuant to the statutes, the remedies available to the town for enforcement of this code shall be in addition to the remedies stated in this section.
   (D)    Violations of this chapter shall subject the offender to a civil penalty in accordance with the specific penalty provisions contained within the respective chapter and section, where applicable. Offenders violating this chapter shall be subject to civil penalty upon the issuance of a citation for the violation. The civil penalty, if not paid to the Town Clerk within 15 days of the issuance of a citation, may be recovered by the town in a civil action in the nature of debt. Unless otherwise provided by a specific provision of this chapter, the civil penalties shall be no more than $500 for each violation, and each day any single violation continues shall be a separate violation.
(Ord. 04-21, passed 10-6-2004, § 58; Am. Ord. 19-05, passed 11-6-2019) each day any single violation continues shall be a separate violation.
(Ord. 04-21, passed 10-6-2004, § 58)