(A)   Intent. The V-C District is established to provide limited commercial areas to serve existing or developing residential neighborhoods in the town. The intent of this district is to provide the goods and services needed by permanent and seasonal visitors in concentrated locations on state maintained highways.
   (B)   Permitted uses. The following uses shall be permitted by right:
      (1)   General and medical offices;
      (2)   Retail establishments;
      (3)   Personal service establishments;
      (4)   Public and private schools;
      (5)   Town-owned or leased facilities;
      (6)   Minor home occupations;
      (7)   Major home occupations, provided the profession or occupation is a by-right permitted use in the district;
      (8)   Accessory apartments located above/attached to commercial buildings. The total floor area of accessory apartments shall not exceed 50% of the floor area of the commercial structure to which it is accessory (floor area to be calculated exclusive of porches or decks);
      (9)   Plant nurseries and greenhouses; and
      (10)   Fine craft and folk art production.
   (C)   Special uses. The following special uses may be permitted, subject to the requirements of this district and additional regulations and requirements imposed by the Town Council as provided in §§ 156.155et seq.:
      (1)   Gas pumps in conjunction with a permitted use under division (B) above; provided, that no principal or accessory building shall be located within 50 feet of a residential use or residential district, and that any gas pumps shall be set back at least 25 feet from all rights-of-way;
      (2)   Public and private utility facilities;
      (3)   Boat-launching and rental facilities;
      (4)   Eating establishments as defined in § 156.002, and subject to the requirements § 156.129.
      (5)    Group developments with a maximum area of 5,000 square feet per individual building excluding porches and decks;
      (6)   Resident businesses;
      (7)   Churches and other associated church facilities including fellowship halls, sanctuaries, parsonages, church schools, parking areas, offices, and columbaria structures, provided that the following requirements shall be met:
         (a)   Columbaria structures shall not significantly change the exterior appearance of the site visible from roadway rights-of-way and adjacent properties.
         (b)   Columbaria structures shall be constructed with minimum impact to surrounding areas.
         (c)   Columbaria structures shall not constitute a significant portion of the site.
         (d)   Columbaria structures shall meet the setbacks of the underlying zoning district.
         (e)   Columbaria structures shall not exceed 5 feet in height.
      (8)   Commercial or institutional structures greater than 5,000 gross square feet, excluding decks and porches, but less than 10,000 gross square feet; and
      (9)   Bed and breakfast inns.
      (10)   Rental property management/maintenance office.
         (a)   Buildings and sites shall be designed and constructed in strict accordance with the town commercial development and design standards.
         (b)   Buildings shall not exceed 5,000 square feet of gross floor area excluding decks, porches and similar non-heated space.
         (c)   Traffic/transportation.
            1.   The site plan shall incorporate a pedestrian friendly design that limits parking between commercial buildings and adjacent rights-of-way.
            2.   Vans and step vans are allowed for delivery of items (e.g. parcel delivery) however tractor trailers are not allowed.
         (d)   All repair work and maintenance activities, other than normal maintenance to the building and grounds, shall occur inside the principal structure.
         (e)   Freestanding signage shall be discouraged in settings where not practical or necessary to the nature of the business.  All signage shall conform to § 156.130.
         (f)   A vegetated buffer strip at least 20 feet in width that provides year round screening is required where this use abuts a residential zone.
      (11)   Post offices;
      (12)   Transit stops;
      (13)   Agricultural buildings;
      (14)   Commercial animal production;
      (15)   Commercial crop production (indoor or outdoor);
      (16)   Livestock shelters and stables; and
      (17)   Microbreweries/microdistilleries.
   (D)   Dimensional requirements.
      (1)   Minimum lot area: 20,000 square feet. Commercial lots shall be of sufficient size to meet requirements of the Dare County Health Department, to provide adequate siting for structures, and to provide parking, loading and maneuvering space for vehicles as required by §§ 156.090 through 156.096 below. In addition, a vegetated buffer strip at least 10 feet in width that provides year-round screening to adjacent properties and a 20-foot wide setback is required where a commercial use or zone abuts a residential use or zone.
      (2)   Minimum front yard: 15 feet.
      (3)   Minimum side yard: 10 feet. No side yard required if commercial building constructed with a common wall. An additional 5-foot side yard adjacent to the street is required for a corner lot.
      (4)   Minimum rear yard: 20 feet.
      (5)   Maximum allowable lot coverage by principal use and all accessory structures: 60%.
      (6)   Height limitation: 35 feet.
      (7)   Maximum gross building size: 5,000 square feet excluding decks, porches and similar non-heated space, except as otherwise provided herein.
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