A.   It shall be unlawful for any person to permit an unattended vehicle to stand or park in or about a public place for twenty four (24) hours or more without such vehicle being moved.
   B.   The City Manager, upon initiative or upon complaint, may take into custody any vehicle standing or parking in violation of this chapter.
   C.   Upon evidence that the vehicle has been parked on a public way for more than twenty four (24) hours without being moved, City Manager shall issue a notice of fine under section 9-14-321.621 of this title. If such vehicle has not been moved within twenty four (24) hours from the time of notice of fine, or if there is evidence that the vehicle has been parked for more than forty eight (48) hours before receiving the notice of fine, the City Manager may cause removal of the vehicle. When conditions permit, the City Manager shall make a reasonable effort to contact the last registered owner of the vehicle before summarily removing the vehicle. (Ord. 44-08, 6-16-2008)