Ethical Principles for the Government of the City of the Village of Douglas
Chapter I
Names and Boundaries
   1.1   Name
   1.2   Boundaries
   1.3   Wards
Chapter II
General Municipal Powers
   2.1   General powers
   2.2   Additional powers of the city
   2.3   Intergovernmental relations
   2.4   Construction
Chapter III
Organization of Government
   3.1   Form
   3.2   City Council composition and power
   3.3   Qualifications of Council members
   3.4   Terms of office of Councilpersons
   3.5   Compensation of Mayor and Councilpersons
   3.6   Organizational meeting of Council; selection of Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem
   3.7   Powers and duties of Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem
   3.8   Council’s dealings with administrative services; Council’s ordering of subordinates of City Manager
Chapter IV
   4.1   Qualifications of electors
   4.2   Procedure
   4.3   Precincts
   4.4   Date of regular city elections
   4.5   Date of special elections
   4.6   Notice
   4.7   Voting hours
   4.8   Nominations – generally
   4.9   Nomination – form of petition
   4.10   Nomination – approval of petitions
   4.11   Nominations – candidate to run for only one office
   4.12   Nominations – withdrawal of candidate
   4.13   Nominations – public inspection of petitions
   4.14   Nominations – Election Commission created; composition; duties; compensation
   4.15   Nominations – Form of ballot
   4.16   Custody and safekeeping of registration books and supplies
   4.17   Absentee ballots
   4.18   Determination of election ending in a tie vote
   4.19   Recount
   4.20   Purity of election; lawful and unlawful acts
Chapter V
General Provisions Regarding Officers and Personnel
   5.1   Eligibility for office
   5.2   Holding of appointive office or employment by relative or elective or appointive officer
   5.3   Oath of office and bond required
   5.4   Surety bonds
   5.5   Delivery of effects of office to successor or superior when officer or employee ceases to hold office
   5.6   Declaration of vacancy in elective office
   5.7   Removal from office
   5.8   Resignations of elective and appointive officers
   5.9   Filling vacancy in Council
   5.10   Filling vacancies in offices
   5.11   Changes in term of office or compensation
   5.12   Compensation of employees not provided for by Charter; bona fide expenses incurred in service of city
   5.13   Employees retirement system
   5.14   Merit system for employees
Chapter VI
Council:  Procedures, Powers and Duties
   6.1   Regular meetings
   6.2   Special meetings of the Council
   6.3   Business at special meetings
   6.4   Meeting to be public
   6.5   Quorum
   6.6   Attendance, conduct, Sergeant-at-Arms
   6.7   Organization, rules, and order of business
   6.8   Investigation into conduct of office, employee, etc; power to summon and complete attendance of witness and production of evidence
   6.9   Vote required
   6.10   Misconduct
   6.11   Public peace, health and safety, composition and powers of Board of Health
Chapter VII
Administrative Services
   7.1   Administrative officers generally
   7.2   Personnel system
   7.3   City Manager – appointment; compensation
   7.4   City Manager – function and duties
   7.5   City Manager’s – removal
   7.6   Clerk
   7.7   Treasurer
   7.8   Assessor
   7.9   City Attorney
   7.10   Police Department
   7.11   Fire protection
   7.12   City Planning Commission; zoning
   7.13   Planning and Zoning Administrator
   7.14   Other public authorities, boards or commissions
Chapter VIII
   8.1   Status of chapter
   8.2   Prior village ordinances and regulations
   8.3   Legislative powers
   8.4   Forms of legislation
   8.5   Action requiring an ordinance
   8.6   Ordinance – enactment, amendment, repeal
   8.7   Ordinance – emergency
   8.8   Ordinance – record
   8.9   Ordinance – publication
   8.10   Penalties
   8.11   Initiatory and referendary petitions – generally
   8.12   Petitions
   8.13   Petitions – Council procedure, submission to electors
   8.14   General provisions; suspension
   8.15   Codification
   8.16   Recall
Chapter IX
Budgets and Finance
   9.1   Fiscal year
   9.2   Budget procedure
   9.3   Budget document
   9.4   Budget hearing
   9.5   Adoption of the budget
   9.6   Budget control
   9.7   Independent audit
Chapter X
   10.1   Power to tax
   10.2   Tax limits
   10.3   Exemptions
   10.4   Tax Day
   10.5   Assessment roll
   10.6   Board of Review
   10.7   Duties and functions of the Board of Review
   10.8   Meetings of the Board of Review
   10.9   Notice of meetings
   10.10   Certification of roll
   10.11   Clerk to certify tax levy
   10.12   City tax roll
   10.13   Tax roll certified for collection
   10.14   Tax lien
   10.15   Taxes due notification thereof
   10.16   Collection charges on late payment of taxes
   10.17   Collection of delinquent taxes
   10.18   Failure or refusal to pay personal property tax
   10.19   State, county and school taxes
Chapter XI
Special Assessment
   11.1   Special assessment:  general powers
   11.2   Procedure fixed by ordinance
   11.3   Implementation
Chapter XII
   12.1   General power
   12.2   Limits of borrowing authority
   12.3   Use of borrowed funds
   12.4   Separation of special assessment collections; payment of deficiency in special assessments
   12.5   Bond interest rates
   12.6   Execution of bonds
   12.7   Records of bonds and other evidence of indebtedness; cancellation
   12.8   Preparation and records of bonds
   12.9   Unissued bonds
Chapter XIII
Contracts & Purchases
   13.1   Establishment of procedures by ordinance; City Manager responsible for purchases; authority
   13.2   Funds to finance public improvements
   13.3   Installment contracts
   13.4   Purchase and sale of real and personal property
   13.5   Restriction on power to lease property
   13.6   Restriction on powers to sell property
Chapter XIV
Utilities, Franchises and Permits
   14.1   General powers
   14.2   Administration of municipally owned and operated utilities
   14.3   Rates
   14.4   Collection of municipal utility rates and charges
   14.5   Accounts and finances of public utilities
   14.6   Disposal of municipal utility plants and property
   14.7   Public utility franchises
   14.8   Public utility franchises – granting
   14.9   Public utility franchises – conditions
   14.10   Filing of franchises
   14.11   Plans of facilities in streets and public places
   14.12   Temporary permits
   14.13   Existing franchises and permits
   14.14   Purchase – condemnation
Chapter XV
   15.1   Liability of city; procedure for filing claim
   15.2   Records
   15.3   Estoppel against city
   15.4   Processes against city
   15.5   Trusts for municipal purposes
   15.6   Quorum generally
   15.7   Saturdays, Sundays and city holidays
   15.8   Chapter, section and subsection headings of Charter
   15.9   Amendment of Charter
   15.10   Severability of Charter provisions
   15.11   Saving clause
   15.12   Definitions – generally
   15.13   Definition of publication and mailing notices
   15.14   Vested rights
Chapter XVI
   16.1   Purpose
   16.2   Election to adopt
   16.3   Form of ballot
   16.4   Effective date of Charter
   16.5   First election
   16.6   Subsequent elections
   16.7   Administrative officers and employees
   16.8   Transfer of property and records
   16.9   Council meetings
   16.10   Council action
   16.11   Initial expenses
   16.12   Pending matters
   16.13   Vested rights and liabilities
   16.14   State and municipal laws in general
   16.15   Government