Preamble: A Charter
Chapter I: Name and Boundaries
   1.   Title of enactment
   2.   Name of city
   3.   Boundaries
Chapter II: Powers
   4.   Powers of the city
   5.   Construction of charter
Chapter III: Form of Government
   6.   Where powers vested
   7.   Council
   8.   Councilmen
   9.   Mayor
   10.   Other officers
   11.   Salaries
   12.   Qualifications of officers
Chapter IV: Council
   13.   Meetings
   14.   Quorum
   15.   Record of proceedings
   16.   Proceedings to be public
   17.   Mayor’s functions at Council meetings
   18.   President of the Council
   19.   Vote required
Chapter V: Powers and Duties of Officers
   20.   Mayor
   21.   Municipal judge
   22.   Recorder
Chapter VI: Elections
   23.   Regular elections
   24.   Notice of regular elections
   25.   Special elections
   26.   Regulation of elections
   27.   Canvass of returns
   28.   Tie votes
   29.   Commencement of terms of office
   30.   Oath of office
   31.   Nominations
Chapter VII: Vacancies in Office
   32.   What creates vacancies
   33.   Filling of vacancies
Chapter VIII: Ordinances
   34.   Enacting clause
   34.   Mode of enactment
   36.   When ordinances take effect
Chapter IX: Public Improvements
   37.   Condemnation
   38.   Improvements
   39.   Special assessments
Chapter X: Miscellaneous Provisions
   40.   Debt limit
   41.   Torts
   42.   Existing ordinances continued
   43.   Repeal of previously enacted provisions
   44.   Time of effect of Charter
Mayor-Council Form of Government
* * * * *
To provide for the government of the City of Depoe Bay, Lincoln County, Oregon; and to repeal all charter provisions of the city enacted prior to the time that this charter takes effect.
Be it enacted by the people of the City of Depoe Bay, Lincoln County, Oregon: