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   (a)   A person desiring to hold a special event shall submit an online application with the office of special events. An application must be filed not less than the number of calendar days indicated in the following table before the special event is to begin. The director may waive the filing requirement if the application is submitted within five days of the submission due deadline and the application can be processed in less than the number of calendar days indicated on the chart, taking into consideration the number and types of additional licenses and permits that may be required to be issued in conjunction with the special event permit and the extent of public safety, department, or agency review required based on the scope of the event.
No Street Closures
30 calendar days
Static Street Closures
60 calendar days
Moving Events
120 calendar days
   (b)   An application must be completed in full before it can be invoiced. An application will not be processed, and the date and venue will not be confirmed until the application processing fee has been paid. Submission of a complete application does not guarantee a special event permit will be issued. All requirements must be met prior to permit issuance.
   (c)   Upon receipt of the completed application, the director shall forward a copy of the application to all applicable city departments and partner agencies for review. If the application must be reviewed for public safety, public safety agencies will review the application first, followed by a review by city departments and partner agencies. If any part of the scheduled activity is to be held on or adjacent to property that is exempt from this chapter under Section 42A-5, the director shall also include the entity that manages or controls the exempt property in the review of the application. Each department and partner agency shall review the application and return it, with any comments, to the director within 10 business days of receipt of the request requiring a response. If no response is received, the director may proceed with permitting, however, if an application requires a public safety review, the director must wait for the public safety review response before proceeding. If any department denies the application, or a resolution cannot be reached, the permit will be denied.
   (d)   If the proposed scheduled activity will be held on private property and the applicant does not own the property, the applicant shall obtain the written consent of the property owner to conduct the scheduled activity on the property with the authorization including the date and time of the scheduled activity. The written consent must be submitted at the time of application. The applicant shall present the written consent to the director or any peace officer upon request.
   (e)   The director may cancel a special event permit application if:
      (1)   a special event permit has been granted or is in the review process for another special event at the same or a nearby place and the same time;
      (2)   an established special event is customarily held at the same or a nearby place and the same time as the proposed special event;
      (3)   the proposed special event will occupy any part of a freeway, expressway, or tollway;
      (4)   the proposed special event will unreasonably disrupt the orderly flow of traffic, and no reasonable means of rerouting traffic or otherwise meeting traffic needs is available;
      (5)   the proposed special event cannot comply with high impact area parameters;
      (6)   the applicant makes a false statement of material fact on an application for a special event permit or fails to properly complete an application for a special event permit;
      (7)   the applicant received within the preceding 14 months, two or more notices of violation or citations related to a provision of a special event permit or this chapter;
      (8)   the applicant has conducted or sponsored one or more special events within the city on at least 60 days of the same calendar year during which the proposed special event is to be held; or
      (9)   the applicant has a history of conducting or sponsoring special events in a disorderly, unsafe, unsanitary, or fiscally irresponsible manner.
   (f)   If the director determines that an application requires additional information in order to make a decision, or if additional fees will be required to process the application, the application will be considered incomplete and cancelled if the applicant does not supply the additional information or fees after the director has sent two reminder emails and made one reminder phone call after a period of 10 calendar days without a response from the applicant.
   (g)   If the director determines that an applicant has failed to pay any outstanding fees assessed under Section 42A-6 of this chapter for the proposed scheduled activity or a past scheduled activity, the application will be deemed incomplete and the application will be cancelled. An application that has been cancelled under this subsection cannot be re-filed for 12 months.
   (h)   If the applicant makes major changes to the original submission of an application, after the five- month courtesy review, this will result in the original permit application being deemed incomplete and cancelled. A revised permit application will be required, along with new application processing fees if the applicant wishes to pursue the application.
   (i)   An application that has been cancelled because it is incomplete cannot be appealed under Section 42A-8 and all application processing fees are forfeited.
   (j)   After reviewing and confirming all permit requirements have been met, the director shall issue the special event permit unless denial or revocation is required by Section 42A-20. Except as provided in this subsection, a special event permit will be issued for a period not to exceed 10 consecutive days. A special event permit for a city-sponsored event on city hall plaza will be issued for a period not to exceed 30 consecutive days. Except as provided in this subsection, a special event permit may be extended for additional consecutive 10-day periods not to exceed 60 days in a calendar year. Except as provided in this subsection, all applicable fees must be paid for any permit extensions. A special event permit issued under the temporary parklet program may be extended for additional consecutive 10-day periods until February 28, 2022. No fees are required for extension of a special event permit issued under the temporary parklet program.
   (k)   In granting a permit, the city may provide city services and equipment for city-sponsored activities and other events in accordance with the city's special event in-kind sponsorship guidelines and subject to approval of the city manager.
   (l)   Special event permits issued under the temporary parklet program may not be extended beyond February 28, 2022. (Ord. Nos. 18702; 19312; 19869; 20612; 21934; 22026; 23694; 24554; 26136; 27697; 28126; 28424; 30239; 30654; 31144; 31557; 31708; 31841; 32017)