A.   Application And Examination: All appointments to the police force shall be by the mayor and confirmed by the city council, but no such appointment shall be made until an application for such position on the police force has been filed with the mayor and by him referred to the police commission, and such applicant has successfully passed the examination required to be held by such police commission, and a certificate from such police commission that the applicant has qualified for such appointment has been filed with the mayor. (Ord. 2.20)
   B.   Probationary Term: Every applicant who has passed such examination and received such certificate shall first serve for a probationary term of not more than one year. At any time before the end of such probationary term, the mayor may revoke such appointment. After the end of such probationary period, and within thirty (30) days thereafter, the appointment of such applicant shall be submitted to the city council, and if such appointment is confirmed by the city council, such applicant becomes a member of the police force and shall hold such position during good behavior unless suspended or discharged as provided by law. (Ord. 2.20; amd. 2006 Code)