A.   Responsibility Of Owners And Tenants:
      1.   It shall be the duty of the owners and tenants of any premises within the limits of the city to keep the sidewalks in front of and adjoining their premises in good, safe and substantial condition, and the owners shall see that all breaks or unsoundness of any character resulting from natural deterioration or from any cause whatsoever, be repaired with all possible dispatch.
      2.   When by reason of the construction or repair of sidewalks from any cause, any sidewalk or section thereof is removed or rendered dangerous or impassable to the public, such spaces or openings shall be securely fenced; and from dark until sunrise, red lights shall be maintained thereon while such dangerous conditions exist; and a plank walk not less than two inches (2") in thickness and not less than three feet (3') in width shall be constructed around such construction or dangerous walk, the same to extend from sidewalk to sidewalk on each side of said opening or obstruction. (Ord. 13.20)
   B.   Enforcement By City Officials:
      1.   It shall be the duty of the chief of police and members of the police department to enforce provisions of this section, and police officers shall immediately report any broken, defective or unsafe sidewalk to the owner of the premises in front of which such defect exists and notify him to repair the same forthwith. Police officers shall also report all such defective walks and crossings as well as the particulars of any accidents that may occur, the names of witnesses and persons injured thereby, to the chief of police, specifying the hour at which the owner as aforesaid was notified to repair his walk, and the chief of police shall in turn notify the street commissioner, city engineer or city superintendent thereof.
      2.   Upon the refusal or neglect of the owner of any premises to remove obstructions from, or to make necessary repairs to, the walk in front of the same, and when, in the opinion of the street commissioner, city engineer or city superintendent, immediate repairs or removal of the obstruction is necessary to prevent accidents, said street commissioner, city engineer or city superintendent may forthwith proceed with the same; the full cost of said repairs or removal of such obstruction shall be collected or assessed as provided in chapter 2 of this title. Absence of notice to owners to repair or remedy dangerous walks or remove obstructions therefrom shall not constitute a valid excuse against the payment of any fine or damages by such owners or occupants, and nothing contained in any of the sections of this chapter, or chapter 2 of this title, shall be construed as to release the owners or occupants of the real estate from the duty of keeping the sidewalk in front of or adjoining their respective premises at all times in a safe and passable condition, and in a good and thorough state of repair, but such duty is hereby expressly enjoined and imposed upon all such owners and occupants. (Ord. 13.20; amd. Ord. 2.32)