A.   Removal Required: It shall be the duty of the owner and tenant of any premises within the limits of the city to keep the sidewalk in front of and adjoining his premises free and safe for pedestrians and, with all possible dispatch, to remove snow, ice, slush, mud and other impediments to safe and convenient foot travel, and prevent the continuance and accumulation of the same upon such sidewalk.
   B.   Dumping In Streets Restricted: In no case in the business districts of the city shall the snow, ice, slush, mud and other material removed from such sidewalks be dumped or deposited within the adjoining streets, avenues or alleys within two feet (2') of the curb line.
   C.   Time Limit For Removal: Sidewalks shall in all cases be freed from the night accumulation of snow, water or slush, mud or other like impediments before nine o'clock (9:00) on the following morning. (Ord. 13.20)
   D.   Dangerous Conditions: When, from freezing snow, water or slush thereon or by reason of the smoothness resulting from the wear of foot travel or from any cause whatsoever, sidewalks are rendered dangerous, unsafe, or difficult to the free passage of pedestrians, it shall be the duty of the aforesaid owners and tenants of the premises in front of which said sidewalks have been constructed to sprinkle sand or ashes on said sidewalk; and in cases of permanent polish or smoothness as aforesaid, the owners shall remove the same in accordance with the directions of the street commissioner, city engineer or city superintendent. (Ord. 13.20; amd. Ord. 2.32)