A.   Permit Required; Application:
      1.   No outside stairways fronting on the streets or alleys of the city and no openings in sidewalks of any kind whatsoever shall be constructed or placed within any of the streets, alleys or sidewalks of the city without a permit therefor having been first duly granted by the city council.
      2.   Any person wishing to construct any such outside stairways or openings shall present a written application for a permit to the city council setting forth therein a complete description of the stairway or opening desired, the type and kind of construction and the place or places where the same is to be constructed. (Ord. 13.20)
   B.   Railings And Coverings: All outside stairways shall be provided with metallic railings and gates in accordance with the requirements of the city engineer, the street commissioner, or the city superintendent, and all openings in the streets and alleys or sidewalks shall be provided with a substantial iron covering and shall be constructed to the satisfaction of the street commissioner, city engineer or city superintendent.
   C.   Extension From Property Line: No outside stairway or opening in any sidewalks in the city or in any streets or alleys thereof shall extend outward more than three feet (3') from the property line. (Ord. 13.20; amd. Ord. 2.32)