General Provisions
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Agreements; enforcement
   90.03   Applicability of state law
Rules and Regulations
   90.15   Registration of vicious dogs
   90.16   Keeping and maintaining animals and vicious dogs within the city
   90.17   License required to raise animals
   90.18   Harboring fowl
   90.19   Sanitary conditions required
   90.20   Wild animals and exotic animals prohibited
   90.21   Breeding vicious dogs, exotic animals and wild animals
   90.22   Animal carcasses
   90.23   Injuring or poisoning animals
   90.24   Diseased animals
   90.25   Fastening animals to trees; impoundment
   90.26   Depositing animal refuse in public places
   90.27   Minimum area limitations
   90.28   Goats, sheep and guardian animals
Animals at Large; Impounding
   90.40   Running at large
   90.41   Place of impoundment
   90.42   Disposition of animals impounded at the animal shelter
   90.43   Record to be kept
   90.44   Interference with impounding of animals
Animal Registration and Regulations
   90.55   License and registration of all dogs required
   90.56   Animal control officer or enforcement agent to take possession; entry on private property
   90.57   Impounding
   90.58   Interference with animal control officer or enforcement agent
   90.59   Stray dogs and cats
   90.60   Management of community cat population
   90.61   Female dogs and cats in heat
   90.62   Dogs and animals which have attacked or bitten
   90.63   Powers of enforcement agents or animal control officer
   90.64   Removal of animal excrement
   90.99   Penalty