A.   City Council shall appoint the members of a Stormwater Advisory Committee to provide City Council with:
      1.   Citizen input regarding the stormwater system and operation of the enterprise.
      2.   Advice and recommendations, from time to time, on the projects to be undertaken by the enterprise.
   B.   The Stormwater Advisory Committee shall comply with the provisions of City Charter, this Code and the rules and procedures of City Council. All members shall serve at City Council's pleasure and under any terms and conditions as City Council may determine.
   C.   The Stormwater Advisory Committee shall have seven (7) members. The members of the Stormwater Advisory Committee shall be composed of:
      1.   Two (2) members who shall reside within the City limits with experience or training in civil engineering, water law or water resources planning, flood control or related fields;
      2.   One member actively engaged in the business of property development or homebuilding;
      3.   One member who owns or represents a commercial property or business within the City limits;
      4.   One member who owns and resides in a single-family residence within the City limits;
      5.   One member who represents a public institution, school, educational institution, or governmental entity that owns property within the City limits; and
      6.   One member who represents a nonprofit organization located within the City limits.
   D.   The SE Manager shall appoint a member of the SE Manager's staff to act as liaison between the enterprise and the Stormwater Advisory Committee and to serve as Secretary to the Committee.
   E.   The Stormwater Advisory Committee shall meet not less than twice per year and shall create its own rules of procedure or bylaws for conducting the Committee's meetings, which shall be reviewed and approved by City Council in accord with section 1.2.903 of this City Code. (Ord. 05-192; Ord. 06-190; Ord. 08-44; Ord. 17-69)