The enterprise shall perform the following functions:
   A.   Provide funding for administration and enforcement of the City's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal separate storm sewer (MS4) permit.
   B.   Provide maintenance activities for the City owned stormwater infrastructure.
   C.   Design, fund, construct, repair and replace City owned stormwater infrastructure.
   D.   Make recommendations to the Subdivision Storm Drainage Board for drainage basin studies and periodic drainage basin study updates for new and existing infrastructure to address design requirements and fiscal impacts for planning, operation, capital and development, and fund drainage basin study updates for drainage infrastructure and facility planning in accord with section 7.7.910 of the City Code.
   E.   Provide public education and information on stormwater and stormwater related matters.
   F.   Communicate with El Paso County and adjacent municipalities to ensure that the City's drainage system functions in harmony with the drainage systems of those adjacent governments, and communicate with Federal, State and local government jurisdictions within the Fountain Creek Watershed for a coordinated regional approach to regional drainage issues and concerns.
   G.   Cooperate with Federal and State agencies and Municipal, County and other local governments, including but not limited to compliance with intergovernmental agreements.
   H.   Collect and manage all enterprise stormwater service fees and charges imposed pursuant to this article.
   I.   Explore and recommend to City Council drainage basin fee programs with the goal of maintaining a user pay orientation for new development, and make recommendations to City Council to address deficits in Drainage Basin Fee Program reimbursements.
   J.   Administer and manage revocable permits issued for monitoring wells or private connections to the public stormwater system located in City rights-of-way and revocable licenses for monitoring wells or private connections to the public stormwater system located in drainage easements, tracts or other City owned property, all in accord with the provisions of chapter 3, article 2, part 2 of this Code.
   K.   Any additional functions as City Council may direct by ordinance or resolution.
City Council expressly does not intend that any provision of this article be construed as limiting or preventing the City from providing operation, construction, repair or maintenance of City stormwater facilities with General Fund financing. (Ord. 05-192; Ord. 08-44; Ord. 08-45; Ord. 17-69)