The City Council does hereby find, determine, and declare as follows:
   A.   The street lighting infrastructure operated by the Utilities within the City of Colorado Springs is part of the system of utilities owned and operated for the convenience and necessity of the citizens of the City of Colorado Springs and such infrastructure is subject to the pledge of outstanding revenue bonds payable by Utilities;
   B.   The City of Colorado Springs and all residents and businesses within the City directly benefit from the provision of street lighting service by Utilities;
   C.   The benefits of street lighting service include enhanced public safety and a general improvement to the quality of life and the business climate within the City of Colorado Springs;
   D.   Service charges are a recognized method through which an enterprise can collect the costs of a service from customers that directly benefit;
   E.   It is just, reasonable and appropriate to directly assess the costs of street lighting upon customers of Utilities' street lighting service through a service charge;
   F.   The service charge should be established in an amount sufficient to defray the revenue requirement of the street lighting service to Utilities for streetlight infrastructure on arterial and residential streets not otherwise recovered pursuant to section 7.7.801 of this Code;
   G.   The service charge should be charged to all street lighting service customers in a manner that reflects the benefits of street lighting service; and
   H.   Because of the direct benefits to the City of Colorado Springs and to all residents and businesses within the City, the City of Colorado Springs is, and should be, the street lighting service customer of Utilities. (Ord. 02-203; Ord. 06-97 1 )



1. July 1, 2006, is the effective date of ordinance 06-97.