Stormwater Credit Policy
   52.001   Introduction
   52.002   Application of credits
   52.003   Application criteria
   52.004   Off-site facilities and management practices
   52.005   Renewal of credits
   52.006   Availability and credit percentage allowed
   52.007   Maintenance and inspections
Stormwater Credit Application
   52.020   Credit application procedure
   52.021   Instructions for completing the application
   52.022   Schedule
   52.023   Application data requirements
   52.024   Credit summary
   52.025   Credit examples
   52.026   Annual reporting requirements
Credit Program Review Fees
   52.040   Introduction
   52.041   Stormwater credit program review fees
Illicit Discharges and Illicit Connections
to the City’s Stormwater System
   52.055   Purpose and intent
   52.056   Definitions
   52.057   Applicability
   52.058   Responsibility for administration
   52.059   Ultimate responsibility
   52.060   Discharge prohibitions
   52.061   Suspension of MS4 access
   52.062   Industrial or construction activity discharges
   52.063   Inspection and monitoring of discharges
   52.064   Requirement to prevent, control, and reduce stormwater pollutants by the use of best management practices
   52.065   Watercourse protection
   52.066   Notification of spills
   52.067   Enforcement and penalties
   52.068   Appeal of notice of violation
   52.069   Injunctive relief
   52.070   Compensatory action
   52.071   Violations deemed a public nuisance
   52.072   Criminal prosecution
   52.073   Remedies not exclusive
Stormwater Management Fee System
   52.085   Findings
   52.086   Authority
   52.087   Definitions
   52.088   Establishment of stormwater management fund
   52.089   Purposes of the fund
   52.090   Stormwater management fee
   52.091   Classification of property for purposes of determination of the stormwater management fee
   52.092   Base rate
   52.093   Schedule of monthly rates for stormwater management fee
   52.094   Fee for tax-exempt properties; exemptions
   52.095   Assessment notices
   52.096   When stormwater management fee payable; Penalties; Lien on rental property; Abatement of small amounts due
   52.097   Request for correction of the stormwater management fee
   52.098   Equivalent residential unit
   Appendix A:   Stormwater credit application form
   Appendix B:   Stormwater program best management practice (BMP) annual maintenance agreement
   Appendix C:   Stormwater program annual stormwater education credit application