(a)   Planned unit development shall be permitted when in keeping with existing natural features and when designed to preserve such features or to make more efficient use of land and thereby better serve the general health and welfare of the community. The purpose of allowing a subdivider to develop an area as a planned unit development is to provide a variety of housing types with varying yard setbacks, building placement and the provision of open space.
   (b)    Such development may require modification, subject to Planning Commission approval, to Sections 1101.01, 1101.04(e), 1109.02, 1109.03 and 1113.07.
   (c)    Upon completion of all the required public improvements, the subdivider or developer shall request, in writing, a final inspection by the Service Director as required under Ohio R.C. 711.091.
(Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)