1113.07  SIDEWALKS.
   (a)   Sidewalks shall be required in all new residential subdivisions in the following manner:
Zoning District
Sidewalk Placement
All residential districts
Both sides of the street
Both sides of the street
(Ord. 1990-44. Passed 5-15-90.)
   (b)   In residential subdivisions, sidewalks shall be constructed to a minimum width of four feet.
   (c)   Public sidewalks shall be required for all commercial lots and may be required for industrial lots, subject to the approval of the Planning Commission.
   (d)   All sidewalks shall be constructed of Portland cement concrete to the minimum engineering design standards and materials specifications stated in the City's rules and regulations. Walkways in R-PUD districts may be constructed of asphalt concrete instead of Portland cement concrete.
(Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)