(a)    Generally.
(1)    Following the official adoption of the Subdivision Regulations, no land shall be subdivided without complying with the provisions of these Regulations with the exception of certain modifications allowed for planned unit development, building setbacks, yard area requirements, pedestrian walkways and thoroughfare requirements may be modified by the Planning Commission to the extent that such planned unit development will contribute to the orderly, efficient and economical development of the City.
(2)    No statement above modifying the substantive requirements under these Regulations shall be construed to exempt a developer from the procedural requirements of subdivision plat approval as outlined in Sections 1105.01 through 1105.08.
(3)    Where a subdivider requests approval in parts of land proposed to be subdivided in several stages over a period of years, he should submit at the time of the preapplication conference a concept plan with appropriate sectioning for the entire tract to be eventually developed. This concept plan should demonstrate to the Planning Commission that the total design as proposed for the entire subdivision is acceptable under the terms of these Regulations. The Planning Commission may give preliminary approval to the concept plan and subsequently formal approval to the preliminary and final plats for the various sections as submitted to the City in accordance with the administrative procedures specified in Sections 1105.01 through 1105.08.
(4)    No lot, tract or parcel of land within any subdivision shall be offered for sale nor shall any sale be completed until such subdivision plats have been properly reviewed and officially approved by the Planning Commission and recorded in the County recorder's office.
(5)    No improvements, such as sidewalks, water supply, wastewater facilities, storm water drainage, gas and electric service or lighting, or paving or surfacing of any street, shall be made within any subdivision by any subdivider until the preliminary plat for the subdivision has been properly reviewed by the City Manager or his duly authorized representative and officially approved by the Planning Commission and the subdivider's agreement has been entered into with Council. Preliminary or rough grading may be permitted in advance of the formal approval of the final plat and construction drawings, provided that such grading does not impair or alter drainage or create an adverse impact on adjacent property.
   (b)    Conformity with Official Land Use Plan and Compatibility with Land.
(1)    All subdivision plats shall conform to design standards that will encourage sound development patterns. In particular, the subdivision plat shall conform to the principles, standards, policies and proposals which are specified in the official land use plan. In addition, land to be subdivided shall be of such character that it can be used safely for building purposes without danger to health or peril from fire, flood or other menace. 
      (2)    Existing physical and cultural features which would add value to residential development, such as trees, watercourses, historic sites and similar irreplaceable assets, shall be preserved, insofar as possible, through careful design of the subdivision. The subdivider may place restrictions on any of the land contained in the subdivision greater than those required by the Zoning Ordinance, provided such restrictions are indicated on the deed.
   (c)    Conformity with Official Thoroughfare Plan. All proposed primary thoroughfares, secondary thoroughfares and collector streets in new subdivision plats shall follow the alignments designated on the official thoroughfare plan map and text and their right of way and pavement widths shall meet the minimum design standards specified in the official thoroughfare plan.
   (d)    Conformity with Utility General Concept Plans. All subdivision plats shall conform to design standards that will encourage sound development patterns in conformity with the principles, standards, policies and proposals which are specified in the utility general concept plans for the City, namely the water distribution report and the sanitary sewers and storm drainage report.
   (e)    Conformity with Zoning Ordinance. All proposed subdivision plats shall be in conformance with all provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and official zoning district map. Among other requirements, all proposed land uses in new subdivisions shall be permitted uses in the particular zoning district within which the proposed subdivision is located or shall be conditionally permitted uses and receive a conditional use permit from the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (f)   Pre-existing Subdivisions. After enactment of these Regulations by Council, no plat of any subdivision within the corporate boundaries of the City shall be permitted to be recorded by the recorder of Sandusky County, Ohio, nor be valid, until the preliminary plat, final plat and construction drawings have all been submitted and approved in the proper manner as specified in these Regulations. Any subdivision where final plat has already been recorded at the Sandusky County or Seneca County recorder's office is exempt from the requirements of these Regulations.
(Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)