1109.02  BLOCKS.
   (a)    Blocks shall not normally exceed 1,200 feet nor less than 600 feet unless unusual circumstances justify greater length. Within blocks of over 750 feet in length, the Planning Commission may require dedication of ten-foot right of way, at or near the middle of the block, a public pedestrian walkway connecting adjacent streets or other public areas, shopping centers, etc. The arrangement of blocks shall be such as to conform to the street planning criteria set forth in Section 1109.01.
   (b)    Blocks should be of sufficient width to permit two tiers of lots of appropriate depth, except where an interior street parallels a secondary or primary thoroughfare or thoroughfare of equivalent right of way.
   (c)    Irregularly shaped blocks such as those intended for cul-de-sacs and loop streets and those containing interior parks or playgrounds may be approved by the Planning Commission if properly designed and located and if the maintenance of interior public spaces is covered by agreements.
(Ord 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)