91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Duty to control or restrain animals
   91.03   Impoundment and disposition of unrestrained dogs and nuisance animals
   91.04   Liability of owner for animal found at-large
   91.05   Confinement or muzzling of dogs upon order of County Board of Health
   91.06   Control and disposition of vicious animals
   91.07   Loud animals that disturb the peace prohibited
   91.08   Name tags for dogs required
   91.09   Keeping of wild or vicious animals for display or exhibition prohibited
   91.10   Treatment and care of animals
   91.11   Removal of animal waste by owner of animal
   91.12   Removal and disposition of dead animals
   91.13   Restriction on the operation of kennels, stables, and other animal pens and shelters
   91.14   Restriction on the sale of young animals
   91.15   Dog tax
   91.99   Penalty