(A)   No person shall keep or permit any vicious animal with the town unless the animal is secured by a chain on his or her premises or is muzzled to prevent the animal from biting.
   (B)   Any dog that has bitten or attacked any person shall be considered vicious and shall be impounded for a period of ten days or so long as the County Board of Health may otherwise determine. In lieu of impounding the dog at the animal shelter, the owner, at his or her expense, may provide for such dog to be delivered by the humane officer to a commercial kennel operated by a licensed veterinarian for such period. After such period, the animal shall be released or disposed of as the animal control officer shall direct.
   (C)   Any unmuzzled animal that is found running at-large and is believed to be vicious may be destroyed by law enforcement authorities.
(Prior Code, § 6-16)  (Ord. 1993-3, passed 3-13-1993)  Penalty, see § 91.99