At his or her discretion and with the approval of the planning and zoning commission, the subdivider may elect to combine the preliminary and final plat procedures.
   A.   Information; Fee Required: Every owner of any tract of land situated within the platting jurisdiction of the village who proposes to lay out any subdivision or resubdivide any portion of an existing subdivision into any parcels, streets, alleys, parks or other portions intended for public use shall:
      1.   Pay the necessary filing fee to the village clerk/treasurer.
      2.   Submit five (5) copies of the preliminary plat at least five (5) days prior to the next regular or special planning and zoning commission meeting.
      3.   Submit a completed application form.
   B.   Scale: Plats shall be twenty four inches by thirty six inches (24" x 36") in size and show north point, scale and date. Minimum scale shall be one inch equals one hundred feet (1" = 100').
   C.   Map Information: The preliminary plat map shall contain the following information:
      1.   The dimensions and acreage of the land to be subdivided;
      2.   The location of present property lines; existing and abutting streets or roads, utility easements and other easements; and other existing features within and adjacent to the area to be subdivided;
      3.   Existing sewers, water mains, culverts and other underground structures within the tract and immediately adjacent thereto; also, the location and size of the nearest water main, sanitary sewer and other utilities; plats for subdivisions in the extraterritorial jurisdiction shall show location and capacity of water well or wells;
      4.   Provision for all other requirements of the subdivision regulations, including, but not limited to, planning for terrain management, stormwater management, water supply and delivery, solid liquid waste disposal, streets, roads, emergency vehicle access, utility easements and alleys;
      5.   Proposed locations with widths of streets, alleys and easements, and width, depth and acreage of lots, parks, parcels and blocks; all lots shall meet minimum lot size requirements;
      6.   Legal description indicating the range, township and section within which the subdivision is located and lot and block numbers;
      7.   The title under which the proposed subdivision is to be recorded, the name of the subdivider platting the tract and the name of the licensed land surveyor who prepared the plat;
      8.   The requested zoning classification and property use for the area being subdivided;
      9.   Contours referred to in the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey datum with intervals of two feet (2') or less in all areas excepting on slopes averaging less than three percent (3%) where one foot (1') intervals shall be required. For slopes over eight percent (8%), five foot (5') contour intervals will be acceptable;
      10.   Any restrictive covenants governing the subdivision.
   D.   Recommendation By Commission: The Planning and Zoning Commission shall make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees after examining and reviewing the preliminary oral and written presentation by the subdivider to determine that the Village subdivision regulations and requirements have been considered and are to be followed in the final presentation of a subdivision plan by the subdivider.
   E.   Board Decision: The Board of Trustees shall approve or disapprove the plat. (Ord. 287, 3-9-1999)