For subdivision located within the village limits, the supporting documentation required before the preliminary plat is submitted shall provide sufficient information for the village to determine:
   A.   Water: That sufficient potable water and sufficient pumping and/or collection capacity at the water source will be available to meet the peak daily demand flow rate (as measured by the peak daily discharge from the potable water storage tanks) that has occurred during the previous three (3) year period, plus the demand anticipated (at 600 gallons per lot per day) from the subdivision when fully occupied.
   B.   Wastewater Plant Capacity: That the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant facilities will be sufficient to meet peak daily water treatment demands (as determined by the peak daily influent that has occurred during the previous 3 year period), plus the demand anticipated (at 300 gallons per day per lot) from the subdivision when fully occupied.
   C.   Single-Family Dwelling Assumption: All lots shall be assumed to be used for single-family dwelling. If multi-family dwellings or other types of units are to be constructed within the subdivision, then equivalency of single-family units shall be used in the calculation of the eighty percent (80%) limit. If other than single-family units, all capacity must be calculated pursuant to the impact fee ordinance. (Ord. 287, 3-9-1999)