A.   Animal Shelter: A suitable animal shelter shall be provided for the purpose of boarding and caring for animals impounded under the provision of this Chapter.
   B.   Impounding Animals: Animals kept in violation of this Chapter and stray animals shall be taken into custody by a law enforcement officer or other designated official and thereupon impounded.
   C.   Right Of Entry: Law enforcement officers, in performance of their duties, may enter upon unenclosed portions of private property, for the purpose of apprehending animals running at large and stray animals.
   D.   Register: The law enforcement officer, upon impounding or receiving any animal, shall register such animal by entering the breed, color and sex of the animal and the time and place such animal was apprehended into the registry kept for this purpose.
   E.   Notice To Owner: If the keeper of an impounded animal is known, he or she must immediately be notified. If the keeper of the animal is not known, notice of the impoundment shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the Village offices for a period of one day.
   F.   Right To Redeem: The keeper of any animal which has been impounded under the provisions of this Chapter shall have the right to redeem the animal upon payment of the impounding fees, care and feeding charges, veterinary charges and such other costs as set by the Board of Trustees.
   G.   Time For Redemption: All impounded animals shall be redeemed within three (3) days after impoundment. Any animal not redeemed within the required period shall become the property of the animal shelter and may be placed for adoption upon payment of the license fee, impoundment fees, care and feeding charges, veterinary charges and such other costs as set by the Board of Trustees, or the animal may be humanely destroyed.
   H.   Disposition Of Impounded Animals Held On Complaint: If a complaint has been filed in the Municipal Court of the Village against the keeper of an impounded animal for a violation of this Chapter, the animal shall not be released except upon order of the court which also may direct the owner to pay any penalties for violation of this Chapter in addition to all impounding fees, care and feeding charges and veterinary fees. (Ord. 85, 5-9-1978)
   I.   Fees And Charges: The impoundment fees, care and feeding charges, and veterinary charges referred to herein shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) for the first redemption of an animal, one hundred dollars ($100.00) for the second redemption of the same animal and two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for each succeeding redemption of the same animal, which shall be paid to the Village or the Village designee, in which case, fees shall be determined by the designee. (Ord. 95, 7-8-1980; amd. 2000 Code)