A.   False And Stolen Documents: It shall be unlawful for any person to transfer any license or rabies tag from one animal to another or to make use of a stolen, counterfeit or forged license, certificate or tag.
   B.   Animals Running At Large: It shall be unlawful for any keeper of a dog or cat or other pet animal to permit such animal to run at large.
   C.   Nuisance: It is unlawful for a keeper to allow any animal to persistently bark, howl or make noise or to be kept or maintained in such a manner as to disturb or otherwise endanger the health and welfare of the inhabitants of the neighborhood.
   D.   Confinement During Estrus: Any female dog or cat in the stage of estrus (heat) shall be confined to a building or other secure enclosure so that contact with a male animal of the same species will be prevented, except for intentional breeding purposes. Keepers who do not comply with this subsection may be required to place such animal in a boarding kennel or veterinary hospital at the keeper's expense.
   E.   Physical Abuse: It is unlawful for any person to maliciously kill, maim, torture, mutilate, burn or to cruelly drive or work any animal.
   F.   Abandonment Of Animals: It is unlawful to abandon any animal within the Village.
   G.   Poisoning: It is unlawful to poison a domestic animal or to distribute poison or toxicants in any manner with the intent of so poisoning.
   H.   Care And Maintenance: It is unlawful for any keeper to fail to provide an animal with proper food, drink and shelter, or to carry an animal in or upon any vehicle in a cruel or inhumane manner.
   I.   Animal Fights: It is unlawful to cause, instigate or promote any fight in which two (2) or more animals are engaged for the purpose of injuring, maiming or destroying themselves or another animal.
   J.   Premiums And Novelties: It is unlawful to sell, offer for sale, barter or give away any live animal as a premium, prize, award, novelty or incentive to purchase merchandise; it is unlawful to color, stain or dye any chicken, duckling or fowl.
   K.   Turtles: It is unlawful to offer for sale, sell, barter or give away turtles, except in conformance with appropriate Federal regulations.
      1.   It shall be unlawful for any person, owning, possessing or keeping any animal within the Village which is known to be vicious or dangerous to persons, to permit it to run loose in such manner as to endanger life or limb of any person or other domestic animal in apparent readiness and attitude of attack.
      2.   Animal control officers or police officers shall cause vicious animal to be impounded. In the event a vicious animal cannot be impounded without danger of personal injury from such animal, the impounding officer may destroy the animal without notice to the owner, possessor or keeper thereof.
      3.   Vicious animals shall be released only upon the order of the court. The court may order the owner to pay for the animal's impoundment in addition to any fines, penalties or fees imposed. All fines, penalties and fees shall be paid by the owner prior to the time the animal is released.
      4.   Upon notice and opportunity to be heard to any known owner of an impounded animal, the Court shall consider whether the animal may be destroyed. If no owner is known, there shall be a publication in the Village by posting in the six public places normally used by the Village to give public notice of such hearing before the Court. If the Court finds, by clear and convincing evidence that the vicious animal has caused serious injury to a person or domestic animal and poses an imminent threat to public safety or will potentially cause serious injury to a person or domestic animal and poses a threat to public safety, the Court may order the dog to be humanely destroyed by Animal Control.
   M.   Interference With Officer: No person shall interfere with, hinder or molest the Chief of Police or any designated representative in the performance of any duty required by this Chapter. (Ord. 85, 5-9-1978; amd. 2000 Code; Ord. 393, 8-10-2021)