A.   Prohibited Animals Specified:
      1.   Wild animals kept in such numbers or in such a manner as to constitute a likelihood of harm to the animals themselves or to other animals, or to human beings, or to the property of human beings, or which constitute a public or private nuisance.
      2.   Exotic or wild animals prohibited by Federal or State law or regulation.
      3.   Bats.
      4.   Skunks. (Ord. 85, 5-9-1978)
   B.   Permit Required: No person shall receive, purchase, own or keep wild or exotic animals without first applying for and receiving from the Board of Trustees and from the State Department of Game and Fish a permit to do so. The applicant must provide evidence of knowledge and facilities for the care and feeding of the animals involved. The Chief of Police or his designated representative is permitted to enter the premises of any permittee hereunder at any reasonable time for the purpose of inspection or reinspection to determine compliance with this Chapter. The Chief of Police or his designated representative or the Department of Game and Fish may deny, revoke or suspend a permit for failure to comply with this Chapter. The fee for such a permit shall be twenty five dollars ($25.00) and shall be renewed annually. A separate permit shall be required for each species of wild or exotic animal. (Ord. 85, 5-9-1978; amd. 2000 Code)