A.   All persons who have secured a building permit from the village or state shall, before the start of any construction activity, furnish or place on those premises a container or fenced area of suitable size and design to contain all refuse including refuse specifically described in subsection 4-1-1C of this chapter which may be disturbed or removed from the premises by the wind or elements. Within five (5) days of completion, all solid waste and containers shall be removed from the premises.
   B.   No person shall allow solid waste of any kind to be blown or to be carried by the elements from the premises for which the building permit was secured.
   C.   Persons engaged in demolition, who have obtained a permit from the village or state, must remove the debris and structural parts and contain their elements from scattering in the same manner as set out above. Demolition solid waste shall be removed and disposed of within five (5) days of completion in the designated manner as prescribed by the mayor or his designee.
   D.   Persons engaged in demolition must take steps to ensure the public welfare during the course of the demolition work. All structure demolition sites upon which work is not completed within seventy two (72) hours of the commencement of said demolition shall be provided with a fence no less than six feet (6') in height which adequately prohibits the access of unauthorized personnel on the site.
   E.   Any user seeking additional services for construction solid waste under subsection 4-1-1C2 of this chapter, for remodeling solid waste, for solid waste not routinely generated, or for solid waste which is otherwise prohibited to be disposed of under this code shall contract with and pay directly to the contractor or a hauler for the hauling of solid waste at a rate mutually negotiated. (Ord. 297, 7-11-2000)