For the purpose of setting and establishing fees for collection of garbage within the corporate limits of the village, there are hereby established the following classification levels:
   A.   Classification I shall include "residences", including those used as home occupations as defined in section 9-1-3 of this code, which are hereby defined to mean and include all premises on which persons reside for more than a temporary period, and therefore, excluding premises operating for the housing of transient persons. (Ord. 325, 4-13-2004)
   B.   Classification II shall include single offices, banks, clinics, a single retail or wholesale business, apartments or tourist lodging facilities with ten (10) or less rooms or spaces, and churches.
   C.   Classification III shall include apartments or tourist lodging facilities with eleven (11) through twenty (20) rooms or spaces, multiple retail or wholesale businesses, restaurants only open for one or two (2) meals per day, and multiple offices, clinics, and banks. (Ord. 330, 11-9-2004)
   D.   Classification IV shall include apartments or tourist lodging facilities with over twenty (20) rooms or spaces, restaurants open for three (3) meals per day, and businesses selling perishable food products.
   E.   Classification V shall include schools, any business having more than one classification IV component, industrial, and any entity in one physical location with a square footage of more than ten thousand (10,000).
If a physical address has two (2) classifications on the property, the rate shall be for the next higher classification or a sum of the pertinent classification rates, whichever is less. If a physical address has three (3) or more businesses on the property, the classification shall be IV or V to be determined by the property owner and administrator, and such determination shall be submitted in writing to the utility billing clerk. Any property owner who is aggrieved, may appeal to the board of trustees.
If a property has the water meter disconnected, then the property may be assessed based on classification I until such time as the water meter is reconnected and the classification will then be determined based on the use at the time of the reconnection. (Ord. 325, 4-13-2004)