General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Depositing objectionable wastes on public or private property
   51.003   Owner responsible to install suitable toilet facilities
   51.004   Destroying or tampering with municipal sewage works
   51.005   Right of entry for purpose of inspection; indemnification
Private Sewage Disposal Systems
   51.020   Conformance with subchapter required
   51.021   Connecting building sewer to private sewage disposal system
   51.022   Permit required; fee
   51.023   Superintendent to inspect installations
   51.024   Compliance with State Board of Health
   51.025   Maintenance of private sewage disposal facilities
   51.026   Connecting building sewer to public sewer
   51.027   Noninterference with additional requirements
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.040   Permit required
   51.041   Classes of permits; fees
   51.042   Costs to be borne by owner
   51.043   Separate building sewer required for every building; exception
   51.044   Use of old building sewers with new buildings
   51.045   Building sewer specifications
   51.046   Gravity flow of building drain to public sewer
   51.047   Surface runoff or groundwater
   51.048   Connection of building sewer into public sewer
   51.049   Inspection of connection to public sewer
   51.050   Barricades and lights around sewer excavations
Use of Public Sewers
   51.065   Discharge of stormwater and other unpolluted drainage
   51.066   Prohibited discharges
   51.067   Restricted discharges; authority of Superintendent to prohibit or require special treatment
   51.068   Grease traps and interceptors for food service establishments
   51.069   Pretreatment or control facilities
   51.070   Control manhole; measurements, tests and analyses
   51.071   Industrial wastes; special agreements
Sewer Taps
   51.085   Definitions
   51.086   Prerequisites; permits and charges
   51.087   Bond
   51.088   Notice after installation and inspection
   51.089   Disconnection of nonconforming sewers
   51.090   Installation practices
   51.091   Sewer tap/main connections
   51.092   Barricades and lights
   51.093   Disconnection of pipes carrying rainwater
   51.094   Sewer manholes
   51.095   Action prohibited
   51.096   Compliance
   51.110   Notice of violation
   51.111   Continuing violations
   51.112   Violator shall be liable to city for expenses
Stormwater Management Department
   51.130   Definitions
   51.131   Stormwater Department user fee
   51.132   Stormwater Department user fee structure
   51.133   Schedule of rates
   51.134   Billing and payment; penalties
   51.135   Stormwater Revenue Fund
   51.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:  Tap connections
   Appendix B:  Sewer tap permit application
   Sewage rates and charges, see § 52.30
   Water, see Ch. 52