(A)   It is hereby declared to be in the best interests of the public policy and public safety of the city to regulate and restrict the parking of vehicles on public streets during snow emergencies.
   (B)   A SNOW EMERGENCY is hereby declared to be a period of time after a forecast by the United States Weather Service during and after a snowfall, during which vehicular traffic is expected to be particularly hazardous or congested due to the elements, and during which period of time the parking of such vehicles could hinder, delay or obstruct the safe flow of traffic and proper cleaning, clearing and making safe of certain heavily traveled public streets in the city, which streets shall be designated snow controlled routes.
   (C)   A snow emergency shall commence by executive order, determination and proclamation by the Mayor issued to area radio, television and news services either before, during or after a snow fall when in his or her sound judgment and discretion the circumstances warrant the determination of such an emergency for the public safety of the city. Such snow emergency shall continue in effect until the Mayor determines that an emergency no longer exists and accordingly terminates such emergency using the same media as before.
   (D)   During any snow emergency, parking shall be restricted on all streets not specifically designated in this section or Chapter 74, Schedule VI.
   (E)   No owner, driver or operator of any vehicle shall park or stop the same or permit the same to be parked or to stand at any time during the period of any snow emergency on any of the routes or streets listed in Chapter 74, Schedule VI.
   (F)   It shall be unlawful for the owner of any property or for any person to allow or to cause snow to be pushed, piled or collected into piles within ten feet of a fire hydrant or to pile or collect snow in any manner which obstructs the view of persons using the public streets or obstructs areas upon which the public is allowed to park.
(Ord. 7-1996, passed 3-11-1996; Ord. 7-1996, passed 4-15-2014)  Penalty, see § 71.99