The City Planning and Economic Development Commission shall have the following powers and duties:
   (a)   To prepare and recommend to Council guidelines for specific improvements necessary for the City's growth and development;
   (b)   To give aid to the officials of the City who are charged with the direction of projects and programs aimed at the City's growth and development;
   (c)   To arrange for and conduct any form of publicity and or public relations programs which are relative to activities of the Commission, and for the general purpose of public understanding;
   (d)   To cooperate with other municipal or regional planning agencies to further local programs and to ensure harmonious and integrated planning for the area;
   (e)   To conduct hearings, and make recommendations to the Council, concerning petitions or applications for changes in the Zoning Code of the City;
   (f)   To prepare and recommend to Council, from time to time, such changes in the Official Comprehensive Plan as may be deemed necessary; and
   (g)   To exercise such other powers which are germane to powers granted by statute and as may be conferred by Council.
(Ord. 628.  Passed 6-14-93.)