Chap. 1260.   Definitions.
      Chap. 1262.   Districts and Map Generally.
      Chap. 1264.   General Provisions.
      Chap. 1266.   A-l Agricultural Districts.
      Chap. 1268.   R-l One-Family Residential Districts.
      Chap. 1270.   R-2 One-Family Residential Districts.
      Chap. 1272.   R-3 One and Two-Family Residential Districts.
      Chap. 1274.   R-4 Multifamily Residential Districts.
      Chap. 1276.   B-l Secondary Business Districts.
      Chap. 1278.   B-2 Primary Business Districts.
      Chap. 1280.   M-l Light Industrial Districts.
      Chap. 1282.   M-2 General Industrial Districts.
      Chap. 1284.   Off-Street Parking and Loading.
      Chap. 1286.   Additional Requirements, Exceptions and Modifications.
      Chap. 1288.   Zoning Administrator.
      Chap. 1290.   Board of Zoning Appeals.
      Chap. 1292.   District Changes, Ordinance Amendments and Penalty.