TITLE TWO - General Provisions
         Chap. 202.   Codified Ordinances.
         Chap. 204.   Official Standards.
         Chap. 206.   Wards and Boundaries.
      TITLE FOUR - Legislation
         Chap. 220.   Council.
         Chap. 222.   Ordinances and Resolutions.
      TITLE SIX - Administration
         Chap. 230.   Mayor.
         Chap. 232.   City Attorney.
         Chap. 234.   City Clerk.
         Chap. 236.   City Treasurer.
         Chap. 238.   Superintendent of Streets. (Repealed)
         Chap. 240.   Zoning Administrator.
         Chap. 242.   Building Inspector.
         Chap. 244.   City Engineer.
         Chap. 246.   Police Department.
         Chap. 248.   Volunteer Fire Department.
         Chap. 249.   Department of City Maintenance.
         Chap. 250.   Sewer Department. (Repealed)
         Chap. 252.   Water Department. (Repealed)
         Chap. 254.   Civil Defense Organization. (Repealed)
         Chap. 256.   Officers and Employees Generally.
         Chap. 258.   Emergency Services and Disaster Agency.
         Chap. 260.   Administrative Resolution of Certain Alleged Violations.
      TITLE EIGHT- Boards and Commissions
         Chap. 270.   City Planning and Economic Development Commission.
         Chap. 272.   Board of Zoning Appeals.
         Chap. 274.   Board of Library Directors.
         Chap. 276.   Traffic Commission.
         Chap. 278.   Economic Development Commission. (Repealed)
         Chap. 280.   Building Commission.
         Chap. 282.   Local Ethics Commission.
      TITLE TEN- Judiciary
         Chap. 290.   Circuit Court of Franklin County.