EDITOR'S NOTE: There are no sections in Chapter 1020. This chapter has been established to provide a place for cross references and any future legislation.
   Power to vacate, open, grade and improve streets - see Ill. R. S. Ch. 24, Sec. 11-61-2
   Authority to plant trees on streets and in public places - see Ill. R. S. Ch. 24, Sec, 11-72-1
   Power to regulate excavations, numbering and naming - see Ill. R. S. Ch. 24, Sees. 11-80-7 et seq.
   Duties of Superintendent of Streets re streets - see ADM. 238.03
   Special uses of public ways - see TRAF. Ch. 440
   Obstruction of public and private ways - see GEN. OFF. 652.04
   Digging and excavating - see GEN. OFF. 658.01
   Animals on streets - see GEN. OFF. 672.01
   Street encroachments - see GEN. OFF. 672.03
   Injury or obstruction of streets - see GEN. OFF. 672.04
   Excavations for water service - see S. U. & P. S. 1040.21