In excavations in streets, alleys or sidewalks for laying of pipes or making repairs, the earth, brick, concrete or other material removed must be deposited in a manner that will occasion the least inconvenience to the public and provide for the passage of water along the gutters.  No person shall leave any such excavation in any street, alley or sidewalk open at any time without proper barricades, and, at night, red or amber warning lights shall be maintained at such places.  Plumbers shall be held responsible on their bonds for damages if such protection is not given.  In refilling the opening after the service pipe has been laid, or repairs made, the earth must be laid in layers not more than nine inches in depth and each layer thoroughly tamped or puddled to prevent settling.  All sidewalks, paving and other material must be replaced with like material to leave the streets, alleys and sidewalks in as good a condition as they were before being disturbed, and satisfactory to the Supervisor of City Maintenance. All excavations on City property shall be backfilled using CAG No. 6 stone and shall be approved by the Supervisor.
(Ord. 570.  Passed 11-14-88.)