480.11  WAIVER.
   A person causing or knowingly permitting the stopping, standing or parking of a motor vehicle in violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, except Section 480.04, may voluntarily, with the consent of the Chief of Police or police officer on duty, pay to the Chief of Police or to such subordinate, the penalty of three dollars ($3.00), together with any towing or other actual expense involved. Such payment so voluntarily made, if so consented to, shall be a bar to further prosecution under this chapter for the specific violation designated upon the receipt issued therefor. All charges of such violations which are not so discharged as aforesaid by the voluntary payment of the minimum penalty as above provided, or which are not permitted to be so discharged by the Chief of Police or such subordinate, may be heard and disposed of by an appropriate action before any court of competent jurisdiction.
   The waiver fine for a violation of Section 480.04 shall be two dollars ($2.00). All other provisions of this section shall be applicable to such waivers, in the same manner as they are applicable to waivers for violations of any other provision of this chapter, as aforesaid.