Abandoned Vehicles
470.01   Definitions.
470.02   Abandonment on public or private property prohibited.
470.03   Notification of Police Department; responsibility of towing service.
470.04   Orders to remove.
470.05   Records.
470.06   Determination of owner's identity; notification of owner.
470.07   Notification of State Police.
470.08   Redemption; towing and storage charges.
470.09   Unclaimed vehicles; public sale; notice.
470.10   Unidentified owners; disposition of of vehicles more than seven years old; antique vehicles.
470.11   Maintenance of report of disposition,
470.12   Deposit of proceeds of sale, etc.
470.13   Nonliability of police officers and other persons.
470.99   Penalty.
   Duties of Marshal - see Ill. R.S. Ch. 24, Sec. 3-11-29
   Obedience to police officers - see Ill. R.S. Ch. 95-1/2, Sec. 11-203; TRAF. 424.01
   Powers of local authorities - see Ill. R.S. Ch. 95-1/2, Sec. 11-208
   Obstruction of public and private ways - see GEN. OFF. 652.04, 672.04