17-9-0300 Temporary uses.
   17-9-0301 Contractor's Office and Construction Equipment Sheds and Temporary Sales Trailers. Contractor's offices and construction equipment sheds and temporary sales trailers are allowed in any zoning district when accessory to an allowed construction project.
      17-9-0301-A Contractor's offices, construction equipment sheds and temporary sales trailers must be located on the same site as the construction project unless approved by the Commissioner of Buildings.
      17-9-0301-B No contractor's office, or shed or temporary sales trailer may contain sleeping or cooking accommodations, except as necessary to accommodate security personnel.
      17-9-0301-C The maximum length of the permit is one year. The permit may be renewed.
      17-9-0301-D Any such office, shed or sales trailer must be removed within 14 days of completion of the construction project.
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