14N-C5-C504 Repairs.
The provisions of Section C504 of IECC-CE are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Revise Section C504.1 to read:
"Existing buildings shall be repaired in compliance with Section C501.3 and this section. Work on nondamaged components that is necessary for the required repair of damaged components shall be considered to be part of the repair and shall not be subject to the requirements for alterations in this chapter. Routine maintenance required by Section C501.3, repairs exempt from permit and abatement of wear due to normal service conditions shall not be subject to the requirements for repairs in this section.
Where a building was constructed to comply with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1, repairs shall comply with the standard and need not comply with Sections C402, C403, C404 and C405."
2.   Revise Section C504.2, item 3 to read:
"Air barriers shall not be required to be added as part of roof repair where the scope of work does not include alterations to the remainder of the building envelope."