* Editor's note – This chapter, entitled "Chicago Electrical Code", was added by Coun. J. 11-3-99, p. 13842, § 5, and was effective 90 days after its passage and publication (February 8, 2000). Pursuant to Coun. J. 9-6-17, p. 55278, Art. III and Art. VIII, § 3, this chapter was repealed effective March 1, 2018. Further, on and after March 1, 2018, "any citation issued for a violation of former Chapter 18-27 shall be deemed issued under the corresponding section of Title 14E. The repeal of Chapter 18-27 shall not affect any offense committed, or any penalty or punishment incurred pursuant to that Chapter before the repeal took effect." See Coun. J. 9-6-17, p. 55278, Art. VIII, § 3.