17-2-0400  Character standards.
   17-2-0401 Blank Walls.
      17-2-0401-A To avoid the appearance of blank walls and ensure “eyes on the street”, windows and/or main entrance doors must comprise at least 17.5% of the area of each building façade that faces a street.
      17-2-0401-B For purposes of this provision, the façade includes the entire exterior plane of the building measured from grade to the top of the parapet on a flat roof or to the roof peak on a pitched-roof building.
      17-2-0401-C Windows used to meet this standard must allow views from the building to the street.
      17-2-0401-D Glass block, windows in garages and doors that do not provide pedestrian entrances to the building do not count toward meeting this standard.
Figure 17-2-0401
   17-2-0402 Access to Off-Street Parking.
      17-2-0402-A In all R districts except RS1 and RS2, all off-street parking must be accessed off the abutting alley except that direct street access to off- street parking is allowed in the following cases:
         1.   when the subject zoning lot lacks access to an improved alley;
         2.   when the street access leads to a common parking area for a townhouse development or row of townhouse units; or
         3.   when the street access leads to a multi-level parking garage in a multi-unit residential building.
         3.   when the street access leads to a multi-level parking garage in a multi-unit residential building.
         4.   when the subject zoning lot is located in an RS3 District and is improved with a single-unit detached house; or
         5.   when the use is a permitted public or civic use.
      17-2-0402-BIn all R Districts, all parking serving townhouses, detached houses, two-flats and three-flats that is accessed directly from a public street, must have a setback of at least 20 feet from the front property line to prevent obstruction of the sidewalk by parked cars. This setback may be reduced or eliminated on zoning lots which have substandard lot depths as defined in Sec. 17-17-02174 by the Zoning Administrator or the Zoning Board of Appeals as referenced in Sec. 17-13-1003-S and 17-13-1101-A.
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