15-28-870 Heating.
   A nitrocellulose products room shall be heated by hot water or steam, by either direct or indirect means. Any steam radiator or steam pipe, in which the working pressure exceeds five pounds per square inch, shall be located not less than four feet from the floor. Every steam or hot water radiator or pipe which is less than four feet from the floor, or which is so located that any nitrocellulose material or waste might come in contact with it, shall be protected by a guard of No. 18 U.S. gauge galvanized wire screen of one-fourth-inch mesh. Such guard shall be not less than three inches from the radiator or pipe at all points, and the tops, if any, shall slope at an angle of not less than 45 degrees from the horizontal so as to prevent the use of the tops as shelves. No floor register shall be used with any indirect system of heating, and no wall register shall have an opening nearer than six inches from the floor. Every furnace or other equipment for the heating of air in an indirect system shall be located in an independent room separated from every nitrocellulose products room by not less than two-hour fire-resistive construction.
(Prior code §  92-76)