15-28-690 Portable smokerooms.
   It shall be permissible to install and use a smokeroom having an enclosure of metal construction in lieu of the construction required under Section 15-28-680 of this Code.
   Foundations. Every portable smokeroom shall be built upon a standard furnace foundation as described in Title 14M; provided, however, that such a foundation shall not be required for a portable smokeroom in a building of Type IA, IB, or IIA construction, unless there is a combustible finish on such floor.
   Walls and Ceilings. The walls and ceiling of every portable smokeroom shall consist of an inner and outer shell of sheet metal, not less than three-eightieths inch thick, with riveted or welded seams and joints secured to a rigid framework of suitable iron or steel shapes. The inner and outer metal shells shall be separated not less than one and one-half inches, the space between being filled solid with fused noncombustible insulating material not less than one and one-fourth inches thick.
   Fire Pits. The fire pit in every portable smokeroom shall be entirely of metal and set upon legs with the bottom of the pit not less than two inches above the floor surface.
   Smoke Flues. Every smoke flue for a portable smokeroom shall be a metal flue connected with a masonry chimney, or a metal flue extended through the roof of the building. Every metal smoke flue shall be formed of sheet metal not less than one-sixteenth inch thick with riveted or welded seams and joints. Where a metal smoke flue is extended through combustible construction, the flue shall be as required by Title 14M.
   Doors. Every doorway to any portable smokeroom shall be provided with a door formed of sheet metal as required by Section 15-28-680 for smokerooms.
   Clearances. No part of a wall or ceiling of any portable smokeroom shall be located nearer to any combustible construction than is permitted under Title 14M for low-pressure boiler breechings.
(Prior code § 92-58; Amend Coun. J. 11-9-16, p. 36266, § 33; Amend Coun. J. 10-7-20, p. 21791, Art. VI, § 88)