15-28-490 Storage and fire prevention requirements.
   The storage and handling of radioactive materials shall comply with the following provisions:
   (1)   Clearly visible signs warning of radiation dangers shall be placed at all entrances to areas or rooms where radioactive materials are stored, used or transported shall bear a clearly visible, appropriate warning sign. Such signs shall bear the three-bladed radiation symbol in magenta or purple on a yellow background in keeping with the practices of the United States Atomic Energy Commission.
   (2)   Signs are not required for the storage of manufactured articles other than liquids; such as instruments or clock dials or electronic tubes or apparatus of which radioactive materials are a component part, and luminous compounds, where securely packed in strong containers, provided the gamma radiation at any surface of the package is less than ten milliroentgen in 24 hours.
   (3)   When not in use, radioactive materials shall be kept in adequately shielded fire-resistive containers of such design that the gamma radiation will not exceed 20 milliroentgen per hour or equivalent to any point of readily accessible surface. Such containers shall be stored in separate rooms having a fire-resistive rating of not less than one hour.
(Prior code §  92-38)