15-28-120 Fire prevention requirements.
   The storage and handling of hazardous chemicals shall comply with the following requirements:
   (1)   Quantities in excess of the limits specified in Section 15-28-040 or in excess of one day's supply shall be stored or used in rooms or buildings complying with the requirements herein. Whenever one day's supply exceeds the amount specified in Section 15-28-040, a notarized letter from the user stating the amount used in one day shall be filed with the fire commissioner. Upon any change in that amount, the fire commissioner shall be notified within 24 hours.
   (2)   All shelving used in connection with the storage of such hazardous chemicals shall be of substantial noncombustible construction.
   (3)   No other combustible material or flammable liquids shall be permitted in any such room.
   (4)   Defective containers which permit leakage or spillage shall be disposed of or repaired in an approved manner. No spilled materials shall be allowed to accumulate on floors or shelves.
   (5)   Signs having a white field with red letters four inches high and a one-half-inch stroke shall be conspicuously posted. Such sign shall read "Hazardous Chemicals – Keep Fire Away".
(Prior code § 92-12; Amend Coun. J. 5-18-16, p. 24131, § 153)