15-26-300 Safety measures.
   The name and address of the manufacturer or the nearest producer of the specific gas being used and a placard outlining emergency first aid directions shall be posted and remain posted in a conspicuous place at the points of unloading and use and in at least one other approved location.
   Adequate oxygen-generating or self-contained air or oxygen masks having a United States Bureau of Mines or National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health approval for a minimum of one-half hour protection shall be maintained in a readily accessible location, outside the areas of probable contamination. Additional air or oxygen containers which will provide for a minimum of one hour use of each mask shall be kept at the location of each gas mask. All personnel that may be required to use gas masks must be required at reasonable intervals to practice their application and use. Gas masks must be kept in condition, ready for immediate use at all times with fully charged containers.
(Coun. J. 12-9-92, p. 25465; Amend Coun. J. 2-7-96, p. 15616)